Anahata: Heart Chakra Necklace


Affirmation:  "I love"
Color:  pink and green

The 4th chakra, located in the heart center, is the center of emotional balance, love of ones self and others, connection and forgiveness.
It offers us trust, compassion, positivity, healing and surrender. It deals with loneliness, issues with trust, coping skills, allergies, heart and lung disorders and breast cancer. It is connected to the thymus, heart, circulatory system, lungs and immune system.

The chakra is sandwiched between a 5mm faceted mystic pink topaz and a rose quartz briolette measuring 1 3/4 inches from bail to briolette.  The chakra 
charm available in sterling silver, solid 14k yellow gold or gold plated* (.5mm micron-based gold-plated sterling silver) 

Handmade in the mountains of California