Vishuddi: Throat Chakra Necklace


Affirmation:  "I speak"
Color:  blue
The 5th chakra, located in the center of the throat is the center of communication, artistic and musical expression, inner voice and truth.
It offers us purpose, expression, balance of yin and yang, and articulation. It deals with lack of purpose, fear of speaking, lying as well as issues with thyroid, teeth and gums, and hearing. It is connected to the thyroid, sinus, ears and respiratory system. 


The chakra pendant is sandwiched between a 5mm deep turquoise Chrysocolla bead and a pear-shaped pale aqua Chalcedony Briolette.  The chakra charm available in sterling silver, solid 14k yellow gold or gold plated* (.5mm micron-based gold-plated sterling silver) 

Handmade in the mountains of California